Effective use of Professional Photography in your Business Marketing

“It’s All About The Images”

Did you know that using interesting, well taken, professional, relevant images of yourself, your life, your product and your business in articles, your website and marketing pieces can help increase quality interest in your business which equates in higher sales and profits.

Effective use of professional business photos make it possible for potential and new clients visiting your website and reading your marketing articles to feel as if they already know you, like you and trust you before even meeting you merely by looking at your images.

Effective use of Professional Photography in your Business Marketing

It is the “Visual Age” and meaningful relevant images can help your clients get a better feeling of you product offering, your business and your life. You may ask “why are images of my personal life important for my business? Val and I have found that in our own business and the businesses that we work with , personal imagery of your life, family, travels and adventures help your clients feel more in touch with you and open the doors of conversation commonality between you and your clients. By sharing our own personal images, it opens the door for our clients to talk to us about things other than just business. Some of our most successful clients use their professional personal images that we take of them and their families to decorate their offices and waiting areas. Professional images of your life business and products used in your articles and blog posts help create interest in your offering which directly can increase profits and sales. Well placed images can elevate open rates in your marketing pieces, emails and news letters. Personalized client letters and emails that include images make your clients feel special and important to you.

The Images produced from Professional Photography can be used strategically in your Social Media as well. Images of your family and Hobbies can be used to engage your clients and audience, bring you new Business as well as helping your clients feel like they are a part of your life.

A really fun and creative way to use your professionally captured images is to create memes to help your clients identify you, your business, your product and or your mission statement. You can use memes in your social media platforms, on marketing pieces and your website.

Here is an interesting graphic from Jeff Bullas ( one of the world’s top social marketing talents according to Forbes Magazine) that explains how “it’s all about the image.”


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