Ok, so we both have decades of experience as professional photographers, personally taught and trained over 25,000 photographers internationally, and our works can be found in countless homes and business around the globe, our greatest accomplishment to us is the relationships that we have made over the years with wonderful people that we now call our friends.

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“From the "Girl next door" to the "Celebrity Superstar", we get to spend our time with some pretty amazing people.”

We are so grateful that we can work together in a profession that we both love; we constantly have "pinch me moments" and as you can tell we are "head-over-heals" in love with photography. 
The ultimate gratification in working together is all of the tremendous friends that we have made together over the years. We are so thankful for our clients who are more like family to us than anything else. They overwhelm us with happiness & gratitude and they're the reason why we do what we do. 
We are blessed to have 8 amazing children, a bundle of grandchildren, incredible animals and (a huge tight-knit) family & friends spread all over the globe. Life doesn't get any better than that.

About Val Westover

Certified professional photographer with over 2 decades experience, Val Westover…

Higher Education
•Accredited Photography College Professor; Saddleback, Irvine Valley, Orange Coast, Golden West & South Coast Colleges — 2013 - Present

How To Shoot Like A Pro
Understanding The Basic Elements Of Photography
Email: Val@ValWestover.com
Website: ValWestoverPhotography.com

About Stephanie Westover

Award winning photographer with over 18 years experience as a professional photographer, Stephanie Westover…

Professional Model: Commercials, Print, Music Video, TV, Movies — 1984-Present


The Creative Photographer;
Truly A Lady
Email: Stephanie@ValWestoverPhotography.com

Mission Statement

We will uphold the purest standards of photographic art by offering the highest quality in professional photography with integrity.
We will go to extraordinary lengths to know our clients, creating emotional attachments by delivering highly personalized service with dedication and grace.
We will create lifelong memories.
We will surpass expectations from inception to completion, which includes capturing true emotion and delivering high-quality professional products.
We will live by our values as we perform at extraordinary levels.
We are prepared and empowered to always do the right thing.
We will embrace and reflect the heritage of photographic art through our emphasis on knowledge, skill, continued education and implementation.
We will take an active role in serving our community.
We are committed to the collective success of Val Westover Photography.

Our Philosophy

Val Westover Photography is devoted to delivering an elevated client experience. A key part of Val Westover Photography is a commitment to building lasting relationships. Clients can expect impeccable service, exceptional experiences, world-class professional photography with the goal of creating lasting and cherished memories.

Pursuing this vision is a dedicated team of talented individuals with decades of experience in the art of photography. Knowledge, experience and passion for exceptional personalized service are the foundation upon which this company is built, and these desires are infused in each one on our team.

Vision Statement

Val Westover Photography will be the brand of choice for discerning consumers, our communities, our investors and our associates. Our vision is to provide the finest photography, which includes impeccable service, a vast knowledge of our craft, years of experience, and the delivery of completed professional products.

Our Cause

Val Westover Photography is passionate about maintaining professional standards of photography by bringing awareness to consumers what a qualified professional photographer truly is.

A professional certified photographer is involved in every step of the process, from inception to completion of the photographic experience.

This process includes:

  • High quality customer service.

  • Involvement of the planning/direction that the photo shoot or project should go based on knowledge and experience.

  • The actual photography in which lighting, exposure composition and experience are crucial parts of the process.

  • Image workflow, which involves professional editing, retouching and post-production software.

  • The professional presentation of the finished images, in which the client has options to purchase high-grade (non-consumer) professional products.

  • The printing for the client on high-grade (non-consumer) professional products.

  • High quality service by delivering the finished products to the client.


Val Westover Photography is internationally acclaimed. Within this elite group, you will find the finest photography in the world.
All photographers are Qualified Professional Certified Photographers, offering the best-of-the-best in service, photography and professional grade products.